Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beating the Boundaries

Mission in the 21st Century
Saturday, April 25, 2009
Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, PA

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Is the mission of the Church in the 21st Century any different than the mission of Jesus Christ? He reached out to as many as he could, considering His present human boundaries, offering them a message of hope, fulfillment and comfort to those who were harried, hurting, and heartbroken (just like us!). He sent his disciples out to extend his reach, but even they could not meet everyone or fix everything.

The boundaries of any parish include all that is ordinary in God's world. There is great prosperity and extreme poverty; there are people in good health and with devastating illness; there is great promise and dreadful fear. Just because all this may be within our parish boundary does not mean that we are in charge of it, but it does mean that we are responsible for responding to it, as best we are able. We are called to be present to the needs of the people with whom God has surrounded us in the place were God has entrusted us with his ministry.

Attend this workshop to gain new insights into the development of strategies for nurturing generosity, and for introducing Jesus Christ to those within our boundaries, sharing with them the presence and power God has given us.

CLERGY AND LAY LEADERS concerned with nurturing generous disciples, enhancing evangelism efforts and invigorating congregational devlopment.

PARISH EVANGELISM AND STEWARDSHIP TEAMS: Eachparish is encouraged to send a team of five including the Rector, and two members each of the Parish Evangelism and Stewardship ministry teams.

PEOPLE SEEKING a ministry in Evangelism or Stewardship.

PEOPLE EXPLORING new resources and sharpening skills for Evangelism and Stewardship ministry.

DIOCESAN EVANGELISM AND STEWARDSHIP LAY MINISTERS growing in proficiency as trainers and/or consultants.


BE INSPIRED BY PLENARY PRESENTERS: Terry Parsons, program officer for Diocesan Services at the Episcopal Church Center in New York, and Bishop Paul Marshall.

DEVELOP YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Learn how technology can be used to promote Evangelism and Stewardship.

LEARN WAYS TO DISCUSS the tasks needed to do good Evangelism and Stewardship with your membership.

DISCOVER ideas for growing churches your children and grandchildren will embrace.

LEAVE WITH HOPE that you can strengthen your mission of Evangelism and Stewardship.

The event runs from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. with lunch included.
Cost is $10.00 per person or $30.00 per parish team of five (if you have additional people, there is an additional $5.00 cost per each extra person).

Hosted by:
Cathedral Church of the Nativity
321 Wyandotte Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

This workshop is brought to you by: Diocesan Evangelism & Stewardship Commissions.

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